Realm of Caring Seal of Approval

The Realm of Caring Seal of Approval

Elixinol has become the first company to receive the seal of approval for its high-cannabidiol (CBD) products from Realm of Caring, a non-profit group that provides support for those who need hemp and cannabis medicines1. This is two firsts in one, as the Realm of Caring’s seal of approval is the first of its kind in the hemp industry. It is awarded to companies after a long, independent review of manufacturing and sourcing practices, and provides hemp extract users with a way of identifying the highest quality products.

Elixinol Realm of Caring award

The seal will be included on all Elixinol products from October 1, 2016. Paul Benhaim, CEO of Elixinol, responded:

“We’re honored to have our organic, whole-plant CBD be the first awarded this prestigious recognition of high quality CBD by Realm of Caring, an industry leader and educator. We know it’s important for those using CBD to be able to trust the product. To see our efforts, which are setting the global standard for the CBD industry, recognized is truly rewarding”

Teaming up with John Hopkins University for Research

Elixinol is now partnering with Realm of Caring clients in CBD research conducted at the John Hopkins University. As the Realm of Caring serves over 25,000 clients and counting, and are known by many more, their seal of approval means a lot. In fact, their advocacy work has been featured in Time, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, on NBC and on two CNN specials by Dr. Sanjay Gupta.

Origins of the Realm of Caring

The Realm of Caring was founded by the Stanley brothers, Paige Figi and Heather Jackson2. In 2012, Paige’s daughter, Charlotte Figi, along with Heather’s son, Zaki, were the first success stories from the Charlotte’s Web strain of hemp. Charlotte Figi’s story is one of the most famous success stories.3 Charlotte’s condition got to a point where she couldn’t walk, talk or feed herself. Her mother then learnt of the Stanley brothers, who were cross-breeding strains of cannabis to produce one with high levels of CBD and low THC.

Charlotte’s success story

After Charlotte started taking twice daily doses of oil from this strain, she began to “thrive” – finally, over time, able to walk, talk, feed herself and ride a bicycle. Her father said that he could see her brain making connections that hadn’t been made in years. Her mother said that she had not heard Charlotte laugh for six months, not hearing her voice at all.

Today, Paige Figi is serving as the Executive Director of the organization Coalition for Access Now, which is dedicated to education on the health benefits linked with natural hemp medicines. The Stanley brothers are now focusing on manufacturing and the development of new products. Heather Jackson, however, is still a part of the Realm of Caring – as the CEO.

As the Realm of Caring and Elixinol continue their work, even more children and adults could enjoy the nutritive benefits of high-CBD hemp oil.

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